99 WordPress Stats You Have to See to Believe – 2019
99 WordPress Stats You Have to See to Believe – 2019

WordPress is hands down the world’s most popular content management platform and number-one blogging system for beginning a site with. But some outliers love questioning the masses and also want a little convincing to leap onto the WordPress bandwagon.

We are not here to make you leap. We only need to open some eyes into the far-reaching forces of the almighty CMS.

Here, we have compiled a comprehensive collection of impressive and intriguing WordPress stats to help you enjoy how popular and powerful that this CMS really is.

It is difficult to argue with raw information. Sure, it is open to interpretation, but the numbers never lie and tell the truest narrative. So, that is the reason why we made this useful stat-happy resource.

Whether you are working in an infographic or expecting to convince a fresh customer to ditch their obsolete CMS for something more contemporary and adaptable, these intriguing WordPress stats are certain to assist.WordPress History and Timeline Stats

1. B2/Cafelog was established in 2001, which many believe WordPress 0.5.

2. Main developer Michel Valdrighi left over the stage from December 2002.

3. In January 2003, Matt Mullenweg took on the stage and started work on WordPress.

4. WordPress 0.7 formally established in May 2003.

5. Plugins started being inserted in 2004.

6. Pages and themes have been introduced with the launch of WordPress 1.5 in February 2005.

7. The first yearly WordCamp happened in San Francisco on August 2006, and also there were 577 WordCamps since.

8. The very first global WordCamp was held in Beijing on September 2007.

9. The Theme Directory formally launched in 2008 using 2,500 unique topics.

10. WordPress won the Packt Greatest Open Source CMS award in 2009.

11. In 2010, the WordPress Foundation has been started, increasing 29.5 million in financing.

12. The platform attained 50 million websites from July 2011.

13. With almost 60% of the international marketplace, WordPress became the world’s hottest CMS in 2013.WordPress Popularity Stats

14. Nowadays, WordPress accounts for powering 35% of blogs and sites on the internet.

15. Around 22% of new domains in America are conducted on WordPress.

16. 41.7 million new articles are produced by WordPress users every month. That is almost 1.4 million new articles each daily.

17. 22 billion WordPress webpages have been seen by over 410 million individuals every month.

18. Every six months, several million new WordPress domain names are registered.

19. The keyword”WordPress” is searched for 37 million times every month.

20. With more than 130 million unique monthly traffic, more people see WordPress compared to Twitter, which receives approximately 114 million people a month.

21. WordPress is offered in 62 distinct languages.

22. Twitter 4.5, the most recent variant, was downloaded more than 20 million times.

23. If you Google WordPress, then you will see almost 600 million SERP effects.

24. WordPress is utilized to electricity over 30% of the Internet’s top 1,000 websites and almost 15% of the Internet’s top 100 websites.

25. Some big businesses whose sites are powered by WordPress include CNN, USA Today, NBC, CBS Local, New York Post, New York Observer, TIME.com, Fortune.com, TechCrunch, Spotify, and much more.

26. 500+ new sites are built with WordPress every day.

27. Almost 20 million sites are powered by WordPress.

28. Based on Technorati, WordPress is utilized to handle 10% of the world’s top 100 websites.

29. Of the best 10,000 sites on the world wide web, 2,645 of these are powered by WordPress.

30. Of the best 100,000 sites, 22,111 of these are powered by WordPress.

31. Of the best one thousand sites, 297,629 of these are powered by WordPress.

32. In America, 22 percent of new domains are powered by WordPress, and WordPress is favored by more than 50% of CMS users.

33. In India, WordPress users outnumber Drupal users 12 to 1.WordPress Development Stats

34. Considering that the platform’s beginning, 36 variants of WordPress have already been published.

35. Generally, a brand new version of WordPress is published every 150 days.

36. Plugins and localization have been released in Version 1.2.

37. Topics were released in version 1.5.

38. WordPress 4.1 has almost 400,000 lines of code. 17,599 new lines have been added than in the past release.

39. More than 20 percent of WordPress code is included of remarks.

40. Most WordPress downloads occur. Unsurprisingly, Friday is the most famous day of the week to get WordPress downloads.

41. Greater than 1/4 of WordPress sites are operating on the newest version.

42. Whilst WordPress 5.x is utilized to operate 58 percentage of WordPress sites, 39.2 percent of website owners still use WordPress 4.x.

43. Despite being recently published, WordPress 5.2 is already downloaded 37 million occasions.

44. The WordPress plugin directory contains 44,622 plugins.

45. There have been 1,279,101,512 plugin downloads. That is nearly 1.3 billion!


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