Instagram Stats – 2019
Instagram Stats – 2019

Instagram is utilized by over 500 million individuals every day, building a presence with this social networking platform crucial for almost any brand expecting to expand their reach online.

But as is true with any social networking network, the manufacturers that are smart about who they aim, exactly what they post, and also how frequently they post are those benefitting the most from Instagram and its millions of everyday users.

So, how can manufacturers understand what to article, when to article, and who to aim to exploit Instagram for all its value?

Everything comes down to information. There is a whole lot of research and information regarding Instagram out there just waiting to be utilized by clever brands and entrepreneurs just like you.

From consumer demographics and favorite posting times to perfect caption lengths and also the hottest emojis, if you would like information about Instagram, you will find infinite stats available to assist you to maximize your Instagram existence.

Getting to understand Instagram’s users and how that they interact with the popular social networking platform will aid your brand produce the very best Instagram advertising strategy for 2019. Keep reading to discover 85 Instagram stats and also the way to set up yourself for IG success this season and the following.85 Instagram Stats for 2019

As Opposed to Simply list a Lot of arbitrary Instagram stats and details, we grouped them into simple to scan classes, such as:

Development stats
User stats
• Utilization stats
• Posting stats
• Business stats

Instagram Growth Stats

1. In January 2013, Instagram had 90 million active users. These days, the system’s amount of active users has risen to 1 billion powerful, and it keeps rising.

2. With 1 billion busy consumers, it surpasses Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat, who’ve 326 million, 250 million, along with 150 million active users.

3. Since the stage began being monitored by the Pew Research Center in 2012, the amount of adults utilizing Instagram has risen by 400 percent.

4. Despite growing considerably quicker than other social networking platforms in the past couple of decades, Instagram’s growth is projected to slow down. Instagram climbed by 13 percent in 2018, but its expansion is predicted to slow down to four percent by 2022.

5. According to eMarketer forecasts, 26.9 million more customers will combine Instagram from 2020. This is almost double the anticipated user expansion of Twitter and other social networking platforms.

6. Instagram receives more than four billion enjoys daily.

7. 47 percentage of millennials utilize the Instagram messaging program, placing it at a tie with Snapchat as the 2nd most used messaging program. Facebook remains the very first.

8. Instagram will account for almost 25 percent of Facebook’s advertising revenue in 2019. This figure is forecast to rise to 30 percent by 2020.

Instagram User Stats

9. One billion people use Instagram each and each month.

10. Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes to the stage every day.

11. 64 percent of adults under 30 use Instagram.

12. 72 percent of teenagers use Instagram, while 69 percent utilize Snapchat. Since 2015, both these figures have increased by over 20 percent.

13. In 2018, 35 percent of adults employed Instagram, signaling a nine percent growth since 2014.

14. 71 percent of individuals on Instagram are 24 or younger. The numbers are almost even amongst women and men.

15. 34 percent of individuals on Instagram are millennials.

16. 68 percent of millennials on Instagram opinion tales. Just 49 percent perspective tales on Snapchat and 44% on Facebook.

17. Instagram is utilized by 25% of smartphone users.

18. 22 percentage of IG users log in daily.

19. 38 percentage of IG users assess their balances more than once each day.

20. 88 percent of IG users reside outside the U.S.

21. In 121 million and counting, the U.S. gets the maximum Instagram users. Next is India with 71 million consumers and Brazil with 64 million.

22. In Latin America, women comprise 56% of IG’s user base.

23. 60 percent of Instagram users seen the platform every day in 2018, signaling a nine percent growth since 2016. Of the 60 percent, 55 percent were young adults that went to the stage many times every day.

24. 95 percent of Instagram users in the U.S. also utilize YouTube. For Facebook, this amount is 91 percent, and it is just 60 percent for Snapchat.

25. 44 percentage of Instagram users make less than $30,000 annually.

26. 45 percent make $30,000-$60,000.

27. 36 percent make $60,000-$70,000.

28. 55 percent make $70,000-$80,000.

29. 46 percent make $80,000-$100,000.

30. 60 percent make $100,000 or more.

Instagram Usage Stats

31. Over one million Instagram users see Live movie daily.

32. Instagram consumers” like” more than four thousand articles each day.

33. Instagram users under 25 decades old spend over 30 minutes each day on the stage.

34. Instagram users create 95 million articles every day.

35. 500 million Instagram users see Stories daily. This figure has risen by 200 million in two decades.

36. Video viewpoints have grown 80 percent. Meanwhile, daily video production has quadrupled since 2017.

37. More than 30% of Instagram users have purchased something online using a mobile device, which makes them 70 percent more likely to generate a cell buy than non-Instagram users.

38. 60 percent of Instagram users hunt or find new products on the platform. That is over 600 million people finding new goods on Instagram, which makes it a goldmine for clever brands and entrepreneurs.

39. Generally, Android users spend 53 minutes every day on the Instagram program.

40. With 157 million followers, professional football star Cristiano Ronaldo is the very followed individual on Instagram. With 283 million lovers, the hottest brand is Instagram itself.


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