Incredible YouTube Stats – 2019 Edition
Incredible YouTube Stats – 2019 Edition

When YouTube started back in 2005, nobody knew back then just how many hours of YouTube videos we would wind up watching years in the future.

Seemingly, everybody loves watching movies, so much so YouTube was undergoing over 100 million movie views every day only 1 year after making its way on the internet. Not long afterward, Google purchased the revolutionary online startup for over $1 billion.

Years after, YouTube has become the 2nd most popular website on earth. Its research engine can be among the greatest. Actually, alongside Google, it’s the biggest.

Therefore, what exactly does this have to do with you? The solution is straightforward: you want to be on YouTube. As a marketer or company owner, developing a YouTube existence can work amazing things for your own brand.

Not sure where to begin? Have a look at these 99 YouTube stats to find an advantage on the competition and put yourself up for success at 2019.

YouTube History Information:

• The”” domain name has been registered February 14, 2005.

• The very initial YouTube movie, “Me in the Zoo,” was uploaded into the website two weeks after April 23, 2005. The movie shows one of those co-founders of YouTube in the San Diego Zoo.

• On October 9, 2006, Google announced its purchase of YouTube to get a whopping $1.65 billion.

• In August 2007, YouTube rolled out its initial commercials.

• InVideo advertisements have been launched a couple of months later on December 2007.

• YouTube attained two billion video views per day in May 2010.

• YouTube staged the U.S. presidential arguments for the very first time in 2012.

• From March 2013, the movie platform surpassed one billion active users.

YouTube User Information:

• YouTube has almost two billion yearly logged in customers.

• Generally, 8 out of 10 adults under 50 watch YouTube in a normal month.

• In 2015 alone, adults under 50 spent 74 percent more time viewing YouTube and four% less time watching TV.

• 60 percent of individuals favor watching YouTube over live TV.

• Half of the viewers under the age of 32 will not subscribe to satellite, cable, or a different pay-TV service from the year 2025.

• YouTube reaches more adults under 50 on cellular than any broadcast or cable TV network.

• Roughly 20 percent of audiences who start seeing a YouTube video depart after just 10 seconds. Obviously, a fantastic intro is crucial!

• YouTube is offered in 80 distinct languages, which covers almost all users.

• YouTube can be accessible over 91 nations.

• Daniel Middleton, who’s known to many as DanTDM, has generated more money from YouTube than any other YouTuber. He made $16.5 million in 2017 alone.

• In Los Angeles, YouTube includes a free collaborative area for YouTubers with 10,000+ readers. Here, anybody using a subsequent can join, learn from one another, and collaborate on content and videos.

YouTube Usage Stats:

• YouTube is the world’s third most visited site, trailing behind just Google and Facebook.

• Behind Google, YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine on earth.

• YouTubers upload 400 hours of video each and every minute.

• Together, most individuals spend several billion hours viewing YouTube every single day and 46,000 decades of the movie each year. This is over Facebook and Netflix combined!

• The entire amount of YouTube users surpasses 1.3 billion, and YouTube receives over 30 million people every day.

• It just took 10,113 YouTube movies to create 1,000,000,000+ viewpoints.

• 80 percent of YouTube users reside outside the U.S.

• the total quantity of time people spend watching YouTube movies is up 60 per year over year.

• The ordinary viewing session on mobile devices lasts more than 40 minutes.

• 70 percent of YouTube video opinions occur on cellular devices.

• You will find over one billion cellphone video views every day.

• With the arrival of”Smart” TVs, the quantity of time spent seeing YouTube on TVs over doubled in 2018.

• 81 percent of parents at the U.S. locate content for their kids on YouTube.

• The men and women who favor viewing YouTube videos outnumber the men and women who enjoy watching videos on Facebook and other social networking platforms by 4 to 1.

• Greater than 50% of YouTube users utilize the website in order to work out the way to do new things, such as a quilt, trade alternatives, or substitute their automobile air filter.

•”How to” video hunts are rising by 70% year over year.

• YouTube audiences are 3 times more likely to see a YouTube tutorial movie compared to read the product directions.

• 68 percentage of YouTube consumers have observed a movie to help determine on a buying decision.

• 80 percent of YouTube users that have watched a movie before buying a product said they saw it at the beginning of the purchasing procedure.

• The number one reason people watch YouTube is to feel rested. The next most popular reason is to feel amused.

• The ordinary watch time of slime playing, anti-aging cutting-edge, along with other comfort videos improved by 70% in 2018.

• The best four hottest YouTube classes are songs, humor, pop culture/entertainment, and”how-to” videos.

• YouTube music movies are 95 percent more popular than other kinds of videos.

• 47 percent of on-demand audio streaming happened on YouTube.

• A Nike ad containing soccer star Ronaldinho has been the very first YouTube movie to attain one million viewpoints.

• The youngest YouTube celebrity is in 2nd grade and contains 18.2 million readers.

• The YouTube video together with the record of getting the most views within a 24-hour interval is owned by this”Thank U, Next” music video by Ariana Grande. It attained 55.4 million views in 1 day.

• Presently, the YouTube movie with the most views is a music movie called’Despacito” by Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi. The music video was seen nearly 5.9 billion occasions.

•”Despacito” also has more likes than every other YouTube video. In reality, it has obtained almost 32 million enjoys, which makes it an impressive just like percent of 89.25 percent.

• Conversely, the most used YouTube movie is YouTube’s own”YouTube Rewind 2018.” The movie was disliked over 16 million times, which makes it a dislike proportion of 86.53 percent.

•”Despacito” attained one billion viewpoints in just 97 days. The previous record was held by”Gangnam Style,” that took five weeks to achieve exactly the exact same amount of viewpoints.

•”Despacito” is the most searched word on YouTube. It is accompanied by”bts.”

• Ahead of”Despacito,” Gangnam Style” had such a huge surge in popularity the movie perspective counter really broke! It has always been repaired since.

• The most seen non-music movie is”Masha and the Bear — Recipe for Disaster.” This is the 17th event in the show, and it now has over three billion viewpoints.

• In order of popularity, the YouTube stations with the most viewpoints are PewDieDie, T-Series, and 5-Minute Crafts.


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