How to Sell a Domain Name – A Step-by-Step Guide
How to Sell a Domain Name – A Step-by-Step Guide

So How Can I Sell a Domain Name?

Now you’ve determined you wish to sell your domain name. But you should hold off before placing your domain name on a market straight away. Most sellers undergo a selling procedure which makes things easier on both you and the purchaser, and guarantees that you get your cash, and the buyer receives their domain name.

Measure 1: Have Your Domain Appraised

The very first step in the approach is to ascertain the worth of your domain. This may be achieved through many different channels. It’s possible to evaluate your domain name or have the domain name assessed by a specialist.

Self-appraisal is somewhat more challenging compared to concrete commodities such as a home or automobile, but the exact same procedure may be utilized. Many people today check out sale deals on similar domain names and operate from that point. A fantastic source to use if seeking to evaluate your domain is NameBio. They have a keyword-based search engine which appears up selling costs of specific domains. You may find info on cheapest prices, highest costs, average rates, who offered the domain along with other relevant info.

But let us say you can not find a value for your individual domain. That can be when enlisting the assistance of a professional appraiser can help. A professional appraiser knows the industry inside and outside and can offer valuable insight that could help you arrive at reasonable market value on your domain.

Step 2: Establish a Cost For Your Domain Name

Now that you have arrived at a reasonable market value for your domain, the next step is to operate on a pricing plan. Even though most domains, notably aftermarket domains, sell from the three to the four-figure selection, in case you’ve got a superior domain name, you may frequently cost below fair market value in a bid to drum up interest rates. Having this kind of domain, it is often a good idea to put an asking price directly up. One other advantage of working with a fixed-price”Purchase Now” or”Priced to Sell” pricing plan is to produce a feeling which makes people believe that they could lose the chance to catch a fantastic domain name at any moment since the purchasing market is often fast and furious, particularly if your cost is where it ought to be. Additionally, this can be a fantastic approach to use if you’re searching for fast earnings.

But in case you’ve got a superior domain name — that’s a domain name you know can control six or seven figures, you are in a fantastic place to specify a price well below fair market value in a bid to drum up interest. In case your domain is actually high in demand, you may make a bidding war which pushes your selling cost nearer to, or even over, fair market value, producing the capability to generate a huge profit!

Step 3: Produce a Landing Page Indicating Your Domain Name is For Sale

When buyers are picking a domain name they would like to purchase, they’ll often form the domain name in their browser to find out if it is accessible. Making a landing page on your site may frequently be a massive help in completing a deal.

There are many innovative ways to point buyers into these a landing page. The most usual technique is to place redirects. Be certain that you create landing pages for every domain you are selling. Using a webpage on, by way of instance, on a landing page for a different domain confuses buyers. Most landing pages have a question form end-users may use to collect more details, together with contact info.

Never underestimate the value of social communications when closing a bargain! Some buyers really prefer social communication, and also you do not wish to leave out those buyers, particularly if you’re searching for a quick sale.

Step 4: Pick an Avenue to Sell Your Domain Name

When purchasing a domain name, it is sensible to avoid placing all your eggs into a single basket. Many vendors use domain sites together with person-to-person earnings to sell domains. Here’s a listing of reliable domain marketplaces. After, BrandBucket, NameCheap and Sedo will also be fantastic marketplaces to utilize.

Another place it is possible to utilize is auction websites. GoDaddy Auctions is one of the hottest domain auction websites around. It is also possible to encourage buyers to contact you to get more information, then have them enter their bidding on the auction website if they are thinking about buying the domain name. Many auction sites will subtract a commission out of the selling price, but also the reassurance you get will probably always be well worth the price you pay, as most auction websites have their own trade safety steps in place.

Much like every other trade, however, in addition, it is sensible to do your due diligence on the purchaser. Some marketplaces possess a review attribute. Read the vendor reviews on the purchaser. The reviews may offer you a fantastic idea of whether your prospective buyer is trusted. Do not conduct business with anyone you are not entirely sure about. It is not worth the danger.

Measure 5: Use an Escrow Service to Facilitate Transfer of Money

If your transaction involves a massive quantity of money, consider hiring escrow services. Many marketplaces and auction websites have their particular escrow services. Do research on the market or auction website you wish to use, and whether they don’t use their own escrow service, then it is a fantastic idea to employ yourself. Escrow providers make big money trades a lot more protected because the purchaser won’t get your domain until payment has been made in total.

Essentially, an escrow agency functions as a broker between you and the purchaser. An arrangement is made between both parties detailing the details of the sale, such as sale price and also the title of the domain which was marketed. The purchaser submits payment for escrow accounts, which the escrow agency provides for you, since the seller. Then you contact the domain registrar and transfer the domain name to the purchaser’s title, and the purchaser sends a written verification to the escrow agency confirming they have obtained all rights to the domain.

If either side fails to deliver on their part of this arrangement, the escrow agent has all of the specifics of the trade, which may be shown as evidence in the event the matter reaches lawsuit.

In this guide, we discussed how to promote a domain name. Even though this isn’t a comprehensive manual, we expect you get an overall comprehension of the procedure involved.


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