A Short Guide On How to Type the Shrug Emoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
A Short Guide On How to Type the Shrug Emoji ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I really like emojis, but there is something nostalgic about conservative typed emoticons. They evoke memories of a simpler time when AOL ruled the roost and telephones still had real keyboards. Yes, those are exactly what we affectionately call”the fantastic old days”

If typed emoticons still hold a particular place in your heart as they do mine, particularly the good ol’ shrugged emoticon ¯\_-LRB-ツ-RRB-_/¯, here is a quick glance at just how to sort it in your telephone or PC in 2 seconds or less.

Yes, you read that right. It only takes an extra moment to relive the glory days of internet communication. Ready? Here is how: How to Sort the Classic Shrug Emoticon ¯\_-LRB-ツ-RRB-_/¯ in 2 Seconds or Less

The shrug emoticon ¯\_-LRB-ツ-RRB-_/¯ is just one of the more complicated emoticons to sort. As it requires more than just a press of a button, the majority of people wind up copying it out of CopyShrug and other sources that are online.

But if you like this emoticon as far as I do and plan on using it over a couple of times, copying it in a few of those websites and pasting it in your text or email box is not a feasible choice. You will want to pay a visit to the website, replicate the emoticon, and glue it each time that you would like to utilize it. Obviously, the procedure can be annoyingly slow, particularly when using your mobile phone.

To utilize the shrug emoticon ¯\_-LRB-ツ-RRB-_/¯ fast and economically, we advocate using the autocorrect feature on your device to make a shortcut to your own text replacement.

If you are like most people, then this is most likely the very first time employing the autocorrect feature. When it may do anything else, for the sake of the guide, we will follow this emoticon shortcut.

Establishing a spoonful emoticon ¯\_-LRB-ツ-RRB-_/¯ onto a Windows notebook or PC:

Windows lacks an autocorrect feature, in the event you want to make a spoonful emoticon ¯\_-LRB-ツ-RRB-_/¯, you will have to download PhraseExpress or some similar app to make text substitute shortcuts.

Creating a spoonful emoticon ¯\_-LRB-ツ-RRB-_/¯ in an Android apparatus:

Measure 1 — Duplicate the text emoticon \_(ツ)_/¯.

Step 2 — Visit your apparatus Settings.

Measure 3 — Press the”Language & Input” button.

Measure 4 — Select”All Languages.”

Measure 5 — Press the”+” button.

Step 6 — Sort”shrug” from the shortcut box.

Measure 7 — Paste \_(ツ)_/ / ¯ from the”Sort a Word” box.

Creating a spoonful emoticon ¯\_-LRB-ツ-RRB-_/¯ to a Mac:

Measure 1 — Duplicate the text emoticon ¯\_-LRB-ツ-RRB-_/¯.

Measure 2 — Visit your”System Preferences” folder.

Measure 3 — Click “Keyboard.”

Measure 4 — Press the”Text” button.

Step 5 — Sort”shrug” from the”Replace” box.

Step 6 — Glue ¯\_-LRB-ツ-RRB-_/¯ from the”With” box.

Creating a spoonful emoticon \_(ツ)_/¯ in an iPhone:

Measure 1 — Duplicate the text emoticon \_(ツ)_/¯.

Measure 2 — Go to”Settings”

Measure 3 — Select”General.”

Measure 4 — Press”Keyboard.”

Measure 5 — Select the”Text Replacement” alternative.

Step 6 — Pick the”+” button choice.

Step 7 — Sort”shrug” from the”Shortcut” box.

Measure 8 — Paste \_(ツ)_/ / ¯ from the”Phrase” box.

There you have it, that is all there’s to it!


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